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Adults with head lice

Though head lice are not exclusively a childhood ailment, the majority of people affected by head lice are young. The head louse, scientific term Pediculus humanus capitis, is a parasite that feeds on human blood. Learning what head lice look like and how to detect them can help control an infestation before it spreads through the entire household. Three forms of head lice exist: nits, nymphs, and mature adults.
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What do lice look like?

Adults with head lice
Adults with head lice
Adults with head lice
Adults with head lice
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Head Lice Pictures: What Do Lice Look Like?

We already know how easy it is for children to get lice; after all, direct contact with other children is an almost inevitable fact of life. And while it might be easy to think that adults are immune to head lice infestations, this is simply not the truth. The risk of a head lice infestation is an imminent one and adults are just as vulnerable to lice as children. We need to remember that, head lice do not care about age, gender, race or any other demographic factors; after all their only priority as pestering parasites is to find a host that they can use for nutrition and they will go above and beyond to find a suitable host before they simply die off. Direct contact is the most common head lice transmission method when talking about children, after all, children spend a lot of time hanging out with other children who might not even realize they have a head lice problem. Even in cases where the lice symptoms are fairly obvious, sometimes it can take days, or even weeks for parents and educators to realize that they have a head lice problem that could quickly become an epidemic. When it comes to adults, we know that direct contact is far less common, but adults do still engage in common gestures such as hugging and they do spend a lot of time in crowded places where direct contact will be inevitable, that is when adults can get head lice.
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Head Lice (Pediculosis Capitis)

Head lice pediculosis capitis are highly contagious, and the most prominent symptom of a head lice infestation includes intense scalp itching. The human head louse is a tiny insect that feeds on human blood. The female louse lays eggs nits on the hair shaft close to the scalp, and they become glued to the hair shaft.
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All rights reserved. Short answer: yes. While kids tend to get head lice more often , adult hair can most definitely house an infestation.
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